SeekFancy offers free world wide shipping on all items! In the checkout page, there are usually 3 following shipping methods. Orders of $15 or more are automatically upgraded to standard(free tracked shipping). Free Shipping: Orders under $15 are shipped with normal airmail without tracking number. A tracking number can be purchased with $1.7 during checkout. Standard: Orders over $15 are shipped with Registered airmail for free and with a tracking number. Expedited: Express shipping if you need the order urgent, you can pay the express fee for your order. Purchasing express shipping only affects postal service mailing time, it does not affect  processing time.
Your order goes through several steps before reaching your door. Here are those steps: Step 1:Confirm payment 1 business days Step 2:Process order 1 business days Step 3:Package order 1 business days Step 4: Shipping Airmail 9-14 business day Expedited 5-7 business days Total: Airmail 12-22 business days Expedited 7-10 business days
You are encouraged to use the specific tracking link below according to your shipping method to trace your package status before contacting SeekFancy. 17track: 17track has supported the most member countries and territories of UPU (Universal Postal Union).
Usually, when you import goods from SeekFancy, the packet will be inspected by your local Customs office. There's usually no reason to worry because:
  1. SeekFancy provides all the necessary paperwork for your shipment.
  2. In most countries it's pretty easy to import most kinds of consumer electronics.
  3. The actual process of customs clearance is usually handled completely by the delivery company.
  4. If there is any duty (import tax) or other charges to pay, the courier will usually pay it first and deliver the products to you, and you pay the costs later. Click here for more information about import taxes.
If there is a question about your delivery:
  1. Sometimes you may need to provide information to your local Customs office about the shipment you are receiving. Sometimes they will need you to provide an invoice matching the invoice that accompanies the goods. In these cases please contact us immediately and we will provide you with a PDF of the shipping invoice.
  2. Sometimes the products need to be backed up with some kind of licence or certificate. In these cases, we are generally notified by the courier and we will handle it for you. If Customs contacts you about this, please let us know first and we will help you.
Customs Liability
  1. If, for any reason, the products cannot be delivered to you due to a Customs problem, we will discuss with you case by case about how best to handle the issue(s).
  2. If goods are seized or turned back because of an issue that was SeekFancy's fault, e.g. incorrect paperwork, we will re-send the goods at our own expense, or offer you full store credit for a new order.
  3. If goods cannot be delivered due to restrictions in your own country, this is solely your responsibility. For example, if you decided to try to import an Android phone, but this technology is illegal or restricted due to local laws in the delivery destination country, that is your responsibility to know about before you order from SeekFancy. If the delivery failed for that reason, we cannot offer any compensation, because as the importer it's your job to know about the local regulations. Another situation in which you must accept liability is where your country requires you to have a licence to import commercial goods: in this case, it is your responsibility to know about this before you place an order on SeekFancy, and in the case of a failed delivery, we cannot offer any compensation.
  4. As the importer you hold sole legal responsibility for responding to questions about imported goods delivered to yourself. Import duties, sales tax, and any other customs charges and fees, are your sole responsibility, as described in our terms and conditions. If a delivery fails because you do not respond in time to Customs communications, or you refuse to pay the applicable charges, we cannot offer any compensation.
Tax is a complex issue, because it depends what country you are receiving the goods into. Some countries are easy to import into and have few restrictions and no taxes. Other countries are extremely restrictive and have high taxes. Before you start importing bigger quantities of China electronics to your country, you'll need to research what the law and practices are in your country . Please read the following notes for some basic background... No Sales Tax Charged By SeekFancy:
  1. There are no sales taxes or any hidden charges to pay on the China side when you buy at - However, you may need to pay some taxes on your local side when you receive the goods. Please read below for more information.
  2. When you buy from China, and the products are delivered to your country, this is by definition importing. This means the process to receive the goods will usually be different to simply buying mail-order products from shops inside your country.
Tax And Air Mail Packets
  1. Typically, taxes are more often/more strictly applied to courier shipments than postal shipments (Air Mail, EMS). In many countries, for single items, postal shipping is a simple way to reduce or eliminate import taxes.
  2. However, shipping by air mail is not necessarily a guarantee of avoiding such taxes.
Tax Liability
  1. The importer is solely responsible for all import taxes, sales taxes, and any other customs-related charges.
  2. Please note, the product price on the original product page will be printed on the invoice or reported for declarations, not after-coupon price. The coupon code applies to the order, not particular product.
  3. SeekFancy accepts no liability for any such charges. Importing taxes and charges cannot and will not be quoted/predicted, and they cannot be reimbursed to you under any circumstances.
  4. If an importer refuses to pay taxes or otherwise refuses to comply with requirements of the importing or customs clearance process, the goods will usually not be delivered successfully. In such cases the goods could be seized by customs, destroyed, or returned back to China. In any such cases you, the importer, bear sole responsibility provided no error has been made by SeekFancy in following your order requirements.
SeekFancy holds its own inventory in secure state of the art warehouse facilities, we adhere to exceptional quality control processes and operate an extensive Customer Support Center offering multiple service channels. Our professional servers and website are security scanned, authenticated and fully verified by Norton Secure from Norton on a daily basis to protect you online. Click on the official Norton trustmark to learn more. You can learn more on our Secure Shopping page. Shop with confidence at SeekFancy.
SeekFancy primarily uses PayPal to process secure online payments. Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer (debit card).