Watermelon Slicer


  • You can cut up a watermelon needn't touch it at all with your hands.Further more,to protect hands,the product are designed to be added on a PVC cover.
  • It's easy to operate. Help you cut watermelons into consistent size pieces.Even the novice chef can cut it beautiful and make a perfect salad.
  • Unlike the plastic watermelon slicer or melon ballers,we use stainless steel material so the slicers are sturdy,easily cleaned and help you cut up the whole watermelon in minutes.
  • Not only for the WATERMELON,you can also use for CANTALOUPE and HONEYDEW.
  • The innovative gadget fits home and parties helping everyone to enjoy watermelon,honeydew or cantaloupe comfortably.The best tool of Summer.

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