SQ8 MINI Camcorde


  • It is as small as a coin.
  • Compact design, portable handheld DV DC.
  • Under low illumination, HD video recording can be performed.
  • Support TV-OUT TV monitor video connection.
  • Included in the package there’s a very useful rotating bracket, that can rotate 360° and you can put it in many places easily.
  • It has a Loop video function, it records 5mins videos, and when there’s no more room in the micro sd, it deletes just the older file to record a new one, so you can keep the most recent videos.
  • You will also get a clip to position the camera in your pants or hat, to use it as a spy camera or to record your experiences.
  • It can also shoot pictures with a resolution of 12MP (4032 x 3024).

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