0.5mm Metal Brass Copper Sign Pen


  • Handmade brass pen, fine workmanship, unique style, simple and elegant design.
  • An ideal gift for opening ceremony, wedding, birthday, collection, friend, leaders and elders.
  • Brass has unique charm of color and color variability, which looks attractive.
  • As time goes on, copper of natural reaction occurs, forming a unique retro charm with a sense of full year.

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  • Product material: high-quality brass (H62)
  • Ink: (short) black 0.5 mm, (long) black 0.5 mm
  • Size: (short)117 x 9.5 mm
    (long) 140 x 9.5 mm

Package included

  • 1 x A Brass Pen (A refill is included)
  • 1 x Pen bag

Maintenance of Brass

  • Brass will cause oxidation. After years of use, with sweat and air oxidation, the color will be dark. Especially in the summer, particularly high temperature, the copper oxidation will be accelerated. Under high-temperature condition, since covering with sweat,the hand part will be dark. It is suggested that, every time after using, the pen should be wiped with tissue, which can reduce sweat covering in the surface.It is also suggested that it should be wiped the pen body with a little vegetable oil (soybean oil, blend oil, peanut oil, etc.)


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